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I'm married to a wonderful man, living in Northern Virginia with my two furball cats.


Sisu is a Finnish term that can't be fully translated into English. Roughly, it means guts and persistence. But it's more than that. Defining it in that way would give the impression that it's a one time thing, or a small personality trait. Sisu is an embodying characteristic that is sustained over time and circumstance.

Why Finnish? Why Sisu? Because it's a big part of me. My dad's side of the family is from Finnish descent; a history and background that seems to transcend time and geography.

Sisu is a huge part of that, and is something that has made its way into my everyday life.

Life presents challenges and questions, big or small, everyday. Some you see coming and some hit you without warning. So, how do you put your head down and just keep going? Maybe it's called just living life. Maybe it's sisu.


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